Difference between Solid and Stranded CAT 5 Cable?

  • Wondering to know the difference between Solid and Stranded CAT 5 Cable?

  • Stranded CAT 5 Cable is a 4-pair ethernet cable. Within each of the 8 individual wires there are multiple tiny strands of smaller gauge wire that are bound together and protected by the outer PVC jacket. This smaller strands within the jacket make this type of cable very flexible, and therefore popular for certain applications.

    Solid CAT 5 Cable is a 4-pair ethernet cable as well. Within each of the 8 individual wires, there is a solid piece of copper wire covered with a thin PVC jacket. This type of cable is slightly more rigid, but has a very distinct advantage over stranded cable: It can carry a much stronger signal than stranded wire.

    Hundreds of independent test have been conducted comparing the signal handling capacity of both cables, given the original specifications were otherwise equal. The Solid Core Cable produced far superior results in all tests.

    This should be considered when selecting your raw material for making CAT 5 Patch Cables. Many misguided IT associates will insist that you must make patch cables from Stranded material, but as usual this just is not true.

    CAT 5 Cable Company provides CAT 5 and CAT 5e patch and crossover cables for all networking applications in 9 colors, and any custom length. Hand assembled and 100% tested to ensure the finest quality.

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