Kodak 30XL was not recognized by the printer ESP 2150

  • Kodak 30XL was not recognized by the printer ESP 2150

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  • Please try the instructions on this website :


    If they don't help, try these :

    Reseat the color ink cartridge in your printer.
    Open the access door.
    NOTE: If the ink cartridges do not move to the center, see Printhead and ink cartridges don't move to center with access door open.
    When the printhead stops moving, pinch the latch on the color ink cartridge with your thumb and forefinger and lift it out of the printhead.
    Install the color ink cartridge back into the printer, making sure to press down firmly on the thumb tab until it clicks into place.
    Close the access door. For printers with LCDs, follow the instructions on the LCD screen.
    For more information on installing ink cartridges, see the Extended User Guide for your printer. Review Maintaining Your Printer - Replacing ink cartridges.
    If the error continues, restart your printer:
    Turn off the printer.
    Wait five seconds.
    Turn on the printer.

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