Xerox WorkCentre Pro 215 got U2 error after install the black cartridge

  • Xerox WorkCentre Pro 215 got U2 error after install the Xerox 6R988 cartridge

  • A U2 is related to a memory failure. May be a bad memory chip or main board. Sometimes the chip on the back of the drum cartridge cause that problem. You can try removing the drum cartridge and powering on the machine without that installed. See if it just comes up with a J2 code then. Or even a CH code. If the code changes you may simply have a failed drum cartridge. And you may have a try take the cartridge out and check for the chip on the cartridge, which are used to connect the printer, clean the chip surface and the contact in the printer then give it a try or stick a tape on it and reinstall the cartridge.

    Sometimes memory corruption can occur and you can clear it using this procedure..
    Performing a Fault Reset 14 will reset your WorkCentre and will help to clear error codes.

    1. Find the pink Clear button on the Control Panel of the WorkCentre.
    2. Find the button below the word Auto.
    3. Press these buttons in the following sequence: [Clear], [Auto], [Clear], [Auto] NOTE: All of the lights on the Control Panel should go out and the LED Display should go blank. If the lights do not go out, then repeat step 3 until they do. It may be necessary to increase or decrease the pace of the [Clear], [Auto], [Clear], [Auto] sequence.
    4. Press the [10's] key one time and the [1's] key four times to enter '14' in the LED Display, as if you were to make 14 copies.
    5. Press the green [Start] button.
    6. Press the pink [Clear] button two times.
    7. The WorkCentre should now warm up and come to ready.
    8. If the above steps do not clear the error code, repeat steps 3 to 6 a second time.

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