how to clean the paper feed rollers of hp printer?

  • please advise.

  • Cleaning the paper feed rollers
    Remove any paper in the paper tray assembly.
    Remove the paper tray assembly.
    Open the top cover.
    WARNING: The proper moistening agent to use for this operation is Distilled Water. Tap water may be used if distilled water is not available. Use of alcohol or other agents may damage or reduce the life of the rollers.
    With the top cover open, use a clean moist cloth to clean the three paper feed rollers. You may press the RESUME button to rotate the rollers, however, be careful not to allow the cloth to be pulled into the printer by the rotation of the rollers.
    NOTE: If the printer has a rear access door, remove it and access the rollers from the back of the printer.
    Install the paper tray assembly, close the top cover or door, and load paper in the printer

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