Pantum Printer trouble shooting and guides

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    Here is a few information that might help you.

    All the pantum printers work on Windows 10 and the latest mac OS X.

    Yes the pantum printers work with new version of windows and Mac OS X. Click on this link to download the driver from their website.

    -select the your printer series
    -select your printer model
    -click on the appropriate OS and Region.

    Once downloaded, simply follow the set up steps to start printing with your new printer.

    How to set up the wireless connection.

    To set up the wireless option, you must first install the printer using the cable given with the printer. Once you are set up the wired connection, follow the set up and add the wireless option, find the network you want the printer to work on and the password registered to your network. Once that is done, you are now able to print from anywhere in your home.

    follow this link to set up wireless printing.

    How to print using my Android Phone

    You can sccan the app from this website

    or you can go to your play store and type the word Pantum, for Iphone users, you must install it directly from the app store. The app will install and ask you for an IP address.

    and enter the IP address of the printer.

    To get IP address Press the cancel button on your printer for 7 sec and it will give you the IPv4 address which is the address you need to enter on your phone.

    If you have any more questions in regards to installing your Pantum printer, please let us know.

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