Lexmark4 18C1974 ink cartridges

  • the printer Lexmark printer X5690 refuses Lexmark4 18C1974 ink cartridge to operate, get a message from the printer that Lexmark is not responsible for non-Lexmark products.I dont understand because I already purchases cartriges from you last winter and they 'worked'.

  • Lexmark4 18C1974 ink cartridges is the correct one for the Lexmark printer X5690.

    Please try these instructions:

    This might happen because the electrical contacts on the cartridge are dirty. Clean the contacts with a towel dipped in alcohol in a circular

    motion in order not to damage the edges of the cartridge contact ribbon.

    With the printer on, remove both ink cartridges, even if a message indicates that only one cartridge has to be changed. Then, unplug the printer

    and check the cartridges: make sure the sealing tape has been removed in the case the cartridge is new and that they are not damaged. If the

    electrical strip (or chip) is torn or punctured, replace the cartridge. Make sure the cartridges and the printer are compatible. You can find this
    information in our website. Then, reinstall the ink cartridge, making sure that each cartridge has been placed in the correct slot and has snapped

    into place and the latch has been closed. Close the cover and plug the printer again.

    If the problem is still unsolved, follow the procedure below to clean the ink cartridge contacts.

    Turn on the printer and open the top cover. Remove the ink cartridges. Wipe the electrical contacts with a dry lint-free cloth. Do not touch the
    nozzle area, and after you have cleaned the contact area, reinstall the cartridges, close the cover and plug the printer again.

    If you are still having this problem, please let us know.

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