PhoneGala® 13000mAh Portable PowerBank was not doing anything .

  • Just recently I have purchased 13000mAh Phone Gala power bank. I was quite pleased with my purchased until I encountered a problem with it. Today I was trying to charge my moobile device with my power bank but it was not doing anything. Also when I tried turning it on, the led light would just light up for less than a second. then goes off; the only thing that's working is the flashlight. I tried charging it but the the led light doesn't blink. Can you please advise me what to do? Thank you.

  • Hello Malinao,

    For the power bank 13000ma, there are two USB ports, one is 5V 1A, which is designed for smart phone charging; another is 5V 2.1A, which is design for tablet or ipad charging. Due to most of smart phone has a over-charging protection IC, smartphone will automatically shut down the charging processing when charging with 5V 2.1A port.

    Can you just try the USB port with 5V 1A ?

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