HP Laserjet 5100 Printer Makes a Grinding Noise

  • A grinding sound is heard when the printer is turned on or when it is printing. How to do ?

  • Dear customer,

    Very sorry for the inconenience.

    Is C4129XF have the problem? Please try these if makes a loud clicking sound:

    1.Turn the printer on.
    open the top cover of the printer. Verify that the service station (the piece below the cartridges) lowers, allowing access to the cartridges. If the service station does not lower, proceed to step 2.

    2.Unplug the power cable from the back of the printer.

    3.If the carriage moved to the center, or if the service station lowered, remove the cartridges. Check inside the printer for any broken parts.

    4.If the carriage did not move to the center, try to manually slide the carriage to the center. If the carriage is locked either in the left or right position,

    5.Close the top cover of the printer.

    6.Remove the rear access door, or the automatic two-sided printing accessory, and check for any paper jams or paper obstructions. Remove any obstructions.

    7.Check to make certain the carriage is on the right side of the printer. Rotate the rear paper guide rollers upwards five times, then downwards four times. If the rollers will not move, open the top cover and slide the carriage to the right (if it is not already there and if carriage can move). Try to roll the rollers again while pushing the clutch in. If the rollers do not move, continue on to the next step.

    8.Replace the rear access door accessory, or the automatic two-sided printing accessory. Close the top cover.
    Plug the power cable back in.

    9.Turn the printer on, and replace the cartridges if possible. If the carriage moves, but there is still a grinding noise, there may be a paper feed issue. If the carriage will not move, then it is a carriage stall issue.

    10.After installing the cartridge, if the printer has a solid power light, perform a self-test on the printer.

    If you are still having this problem, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange a replacement or refund.

    Thank you.

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