HP 41 ink can not be recognized

  • my printer show error message stating that the cartridge cannot be recognized, pls help.

  • There may be a simple solution to fix this:

    1.Confirm you got the correct ink cartridges for your printer.
    Once you have confirmed you have the correct cartridge for your printer, open the cover on the printer and remove the cartridge.
    2.Upon removing the cartridge, you will need to locate the copper contacts . If the copper strip is missing, the cartridge will not function and will need to be replaced.
    3.If the copper strip is intact, you may need to clean the contacts from any type of obstruction or debris as this may be the cause of the error.
    4.You may use a pencil eraser to clean the contacts. Gently brush the copper strip with the pencil eraser to remove any potential obstruction or debris. You may also use any type of lint free cloth or a coffee filter. Again, gently wipe the copper strip with the lint free cloth removing any type of obstruction or debris.
    4.Once this is complete, replace the cartridge in the cradle, close the lid and then follow any on screen prompts that may appear.
    5.If the problem persists after returning the cartridge to its cradle, you will want to reset your printer. This can be done by turning off your computer and your printer with the cartridges installed.
    6.Unplug your printer and leave your machines off for 2 minutes. Restart the printer and your computer, and attempt your print again.
    7.If you have attempted both of these procedures and you encounter the same error, there is most likely an electrical problem with the cartridge, and you should return the cartridge to the place of purchase.

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