HP 110 color cartridge print bad quality

  • HP 110 color cartridge print bad quality , it is missing red color. only yellow and blue ink comes out, is there anything i can do ?

  • Reason: some remanufacture ink cartridges like HP 110 have print heads on the cartridges the print head got clogged, cartridge is not sitting properly, sealing tape is not removed.
    Please try removing the cartridge from the printer. Make sure all the sealing tapes are removed.

    Hold it with a paper towel lightly damped with warm distilled water in one hand. With your other hand, blot the print head by pressing it into the towel a couple of times. This way, you will remove any dried ink on the print head surface. There should be a uniform, solid ink pattern on towel.
    If this does not solve the problem, place the cartridge into a shallow saucer of hot distilled water for around 5 to10 minutes so as to help loosen the dried ink on the ink jets. Then, try blotting it again.
    If there is a uniform, solid ink pattern on towel, dry off the cartridge and put it back in the printer. The ink may appear lighter because of the water. In order to clear it out, a few blots and a test page will help.

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