Canon BC-02/02/20-How to remove clip from them

  • Canon BC-02/02/20-How to remove clip from them

  • Please try these instructions to remove clip from Canon BC-02/20 :

    Some remanufactured cartridges come with a clip that protects the printhead and helps to preserve and maintain the quality of the cartridge.

    To remove this clip, place the cartridge on a solid surface. Holding the clip with one hand, press down on the cartridge with the other hand and pull back on the clilp.

    You may also find it helpful to think of the clip as the tab on a soda can. Place the cartridge on a solid surface with the clip at the top. Hold the cartridge in one hand and "peel" the clip back with the other.

    Some resistance is normal so don't be alarmed.

    You may notice some residual ink on the pad or some ink on the printhead of the cartridge. This is also normal as some clips serve to prime the cartridge in order to allow it to function properly.

    Once the clip has been removed, you may install the cartridge into your printer as normal.

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