connect my mac with my HDTV

  • What is the best choice to connect my mac with the HDTV which has HDMI port ?

  • Mini Displayport Male/Thunderbolt/USB Male/Toslink Audio to HDMI Female Converting Adapter is the solution you've been waiting for.

    While Apple brings their latest line of computers to the cutting edge by introducing the Mini-DisplayPort, consumers who want to utilize their Macs® with their HDMI® equipped HDTV's are forced to use separate audio and video connections.

    This can be especially troublesome if your TV doesn't have any analog audio inputs to accompany the HDMI®.

    This adapter connects to a female Mini DisplayPort to provide video, a USB output to provide power,

    and includes a mini TOSlink to TOSlink cable to connect from the 3.5mm (1/8 inch) digital audio output of your compatible Mac® to the TOSlink input on the adapter in order to deliver true digital audio and video output to the adapter's female HDMI® port.

    All you need to add is a male to male HDMI® cable to connect from the adapter to your television and you're ready to view AND hear movies, games, or anything that's displayed on your Mac®.

    Note* On some models of Mac® computers the connector may block access to the adjacent USB accessory port.


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