The advantage of cable with nylon jacket

  • Question :Is it good to buy your nylon cable ?

  • Yes ,good enough .

    The nylon cables have following characteristics .

    1.Pet Chew Resistant:
    Cable with nylon jacket protection is also designed to help protect your pets from the dangers of chewing on electrical cords, and it also protects your expensive cables ! There isn't anything toxic in it!

    2.80° C High Temperature Resistance:

    The Cable can handle temperatures up to 80° Celsius and is a good general-purpose cable.

    3.Anti-Freezing :

    It will stay flexible and unlikely to be fractured, when used in the car at winter temperatures, Such as Apple MFI Lightning USB Cable, AUX Stereo Audio Cable (3.5mm) & USB to Micro USB Charge & Sync Cables.

    4.Wear Resistance (Abrasion Resistance):
    Cable with nylon jacket protection developed a significant improvement in abrasion performance than other normal wire and cable which exhibit poor abrasion.

    5.Corrosion Resistance:
    The fabric covered section of the Cable with nylon jacket protection will ensure that the cable meet a much longer expected service life without a reduction in performance.

    6.Cover Nylon Twine Protection:
    The nylon protection allows the ropes to stay straighter and hence reduce rope drag altogether.

    No more tangles, the cable with nylon jacket protection has solved the problem.

    8.Lifetime Warranty:
    The cable with nylon jacket protection, Warranty is: Limited lifetime!

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