I got an Error: " 241 Paper Jam ­ Check Tray 1 " on my lexmark T520printer

  • When i insert the black cartridge, I got an Error: " 241 Paper Jam ­ Check Tray 1 " on my lexmark T520 printer , can you help ?

  • When you first receive this error, do the following:

    1. Take out paper tray 1.

    2. Remove any jammed sheets of paper you find there.

    3. Once you have done this, reinstall the paper tray and try printing again.

    Note: You may receive a message informing you that another sheet of paper is jammed
    elsewhere in the printer. If so, please open the front door and remove the toner cartridge.
    Also open the rear door of the printer (and the duplex option if a duplex unit is installed).
    Remove any and all jammed sheets of paper you find. Then try printing again.

    1. If the printer jams again with a 241 Paper Jam error message, look to see if it has tried to
      feed a sheet of paper out of the tray.

    If paper is not leaving the tray and no paper appears to be jammed anywhere in the
    printer, remove paper tray 1 once again. Make sure the paper is loaded correctly in the
    tray. With the tray removed, you can also check the feed/pick rollers. Do the following:

    1. Look into the printer where the tray goes.

    2. Look for two tan­colored rubber rollers (circled in green in the picture below).

    These are the rollers that grab and feed the paper up into the printer.

    If you still have this error, you need replace a new Lexmark 12A6735 black cartridge .

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