Gaming network adapter

  • I want to buy a good gaming network adapter, how to choose?

  • Hi Peter,

    There are a few important factors that go into choosing the best gaming network adapter, but one of the most important things to do is to ensure that the adapter is compatible with the system or systems that need to be connected. Some game titles — specifically on wireless-enabled portable systems — do not support every Wi-Fi format. Password-free and wired equivalent privacy (WEP) connections are supported across the board, but Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) wireless is sometimes incompatible. In these instances, using a USB gaming network adapter that turns a personal computer (PC) into a non-WPA wireless point is required. Most gaming routers are wired, so a gaming network adapter of any sort is rarely required to be used with one. There are wireless gaming routers that can be used with adapters, but these often maintain a slower connection than a wired router.

    We’re sorry that we currently don’t carry the gaming network adapter.

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