HP #78 red ink refill problem

  • I refill the cyan and yellow with no problem, but the magenta seems empty, have tried every tirck I find in the on-line instructions from a variety of sources. When the red is gone the cartridge is done.

  • Dear Antonia,

    What I've found works good to get the ink flowing again when disaster strikes is to dunk the head in 1/4" of off the boil very hot water in a mug for 10 minutes if it's not too bad or an hour or two if it is. Put the mug in a bowl of hot water about 2" deep to keep the water in the mug hot throughout the operation, replacing if necessary. After this, dab the head onto layers of dry kitchen tissue until ink flows then put the cartridge in the printer and run cleaning cycles until all the jets are working. It's never failed me, and once the ink flows all is well until the next refill.

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