The largest computer game manufacturers

  • Perhaps thirty years ago, people did not imagine that the industry would be called video games and become one of the most prosperous and most stable industries in the world, with billions of dollars moving. The gaming industry has become so important that in some advanced countries in the world it is considered as one of the pillars of the economy, and in some ways culture and even sports. Countries like the United States and Japan, which are gaming consoles themselves, are attracting billions of dollars in capital each year to enhance the importance and stability of the video game market. In this article, we'll introduce you to the ten richest video game developer companies. Squeare-Enix

    1. Square Enix Value: $ 1.26 billion
      Whenever the name comes from Scherer Enix, full-featured fans play role-playing games called Final Fantasy. Square Enix is ​​one of Japan's gaming giants, which emerged from the combination of both Score and Enix in 2003. The company, best known for games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts, has been expanding its range of activities around the world in recent years, and has acquired familiarity studios such as Eidos to feature Deus Ex, Legacy of Kain, Hitman, Thief and Tomb Raider as part of their property. Rise of the tomb raider 2
      Rise of the Tomb Rider
      With the purchase of the Idas Studios, Squero Enix formally established the European Division of Skinning Arts to employ more than 870 people in the area, bringing its total staff to 3,581 by the end of 2014. The best-selling Squero Enix, Final Fantasy VII, was released in 1997 for PlayStation and Windows platforms. Up to this point, 10 million copies of the game have been sold and is considered as the most charming episode in the Final Fantasy series. Since the end of last year, Square Enix has been making efforts to enter the cloud and stream technology, and set up a company called Shina Technology in New York City to take positive steps in this area.
      9 - Ubisoft (Ubisoft) Value: $ 1.84 billion
      The Ubisoft French company was founded in 1986 and currently has the third largest video game publishers with 29 studios in 26 countries and over 9,200 employees. Although headquartered in France, it's the largest studio in Toronto, Canada with 2,100 employees. Ubisoft has over 16 large game sets, each of which has earned a lot of success. Annual games such as Assassin's Creed and Far Cry play a major role in the company's continued earnings. One of the hallmarks of Ubisoft is the production of dedicated graphics engines for each of its games. For example Tom Clancy's Division uses the SnowDrop engine and the Assassin'c Creed series uses the Anvil Next engine. Even the open-world Far Cry game uses a Cryengine-like motorcade called Dunya and the third-party Open-World Warlock game was developed using the Disrupt Engine. Ubisoft is also involved in the production of films, and has founded a section called Ubisoft Music Pictures for the purpose of producing films from the company's series of games. The great films produced by the company include the Prince of Persia, which was produced in partnership with the Disney Company.
    2. Konami Value: 4.14 billion
      The Japanese company Konami, founded in 1969 in Tokyo, is ranked No. 8 in the world's most valuable video game developers and publishers. Konami is more than anything called Pro Evolution Soccer and the Metal Gear series. Of course, games such as Silent Hill and Castelvania are also the main features of the Japanese company. Konami can be considered as a lightweight company in game production. The Metal Gear series, produced by the Kojima Productions Studio and Hideo Kojima Studio, is one of the first hidden secret games that has been used as a source of inspiration for many games like Ubisoft's Splint Sol and Hitman Square Enix. Metal Gear Solid
      Metal Gear Solid
      On the other hand, the Pro Evolution Soccer series, which is distributed in Japan under the name of Winning Eleven, is the only competitor of FIFA's Electronic Arts company. Silent Hill's scary series of games aimed at confronting Resident Evil made a new genre of horror in the genre and became the mainstream fan of the genre. It's interesting to know that the new episode is being produced by Heidi Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Series, and Gigmo Deltover, a well-known Hollywood director. Also, Norman Reidas, a popular actress in the Wacing Doodle series, is also in the game. Konami, although a Japanese company, has a global presence and has opened studios and affiliates around the world. Konami now has more than 5,553 employees, according to official statistics by the end of 2014, and has offered a variety of products for all platforms and consoles currently available. Like Ubisoft, Konami has a hand in making movies based on his games, and has been almost successful in this regard. The 2006 Silent Hill movie can be called a good video adaptation movie. He also produced a Metal Gear Solid movie.
    3. Namco Bandai Value: $ 4.74 billion
      The makers of the Tekken fighting series are not for strangers. The Japanese company was founded in Tokyo in 1955. Originally, the company is under the umbrella of a larger company called Banda Nemco Corporation, which, in addition to video games, is also considered one of the most influential parts of Japan in the field of making anime, toys and amusement parks. Namco Banda is pursuing its global reach with more than 1,000 employees at the headquarters of Japan and hundreds of other employees in France, Romania, Britain, Germany, Portugal, and even the North American region. The Bund European Branch is of great importance and is currently in the process of producing and delivering great games, most notably Project CARS. Tekken_wallpapers-6
      Perhaps many of the Nemo Bands are known for the Tekken game, but the Naruto series, adapted from the same name, is a strategic product for NAMCO. Ace-Combat, Dark Souls, Dragon Ball and Soulcalibur are also familiar names for most gamers. Nemo Banda is one of the successful makers of Amigo for the Wii U Home Console, who has been able to help Nintendo to boost these NFC-equipped faces. Nino's collaboration with Nintendo is not limited, and even the company has been among the makers of Mario's game. Mario Super Sluggers is part of the Mario series that was developed by NAMCO in 2008.
    4. Activision Blizzard Value: $ 4.85 billion
      The publishers and multiplayer gamers of Call of Duty and Warcraft are among the most successful players in the world of gaming, which play a significant role in the everyday boom of video games. Activision Blizzard is actually a parent company created in 2007 in an agreement between the two companies Activision and Blizzard. The two companies have full control over their games and practically do not interfere with the process of producing games, but their assets and income are aggregated into an investment company. These are the things most gamers see, but in fact, the Activision company with Wyoming Gaming Inc. was negotiated for integration, and Blizzard's Activision Joint Stock Company could be described as a blend of Wii Games, the Sierra Entertainment, Blizzard, and Activision Entertainment Company, however Key words, Activision, and Blizzard left their place. Call of duty advanced warfare
      Call of Duty
      In 2013, Activision Blizzard decided to split from Virivian by purchasing 429 million shares worth $ 5.83 billion. This purchase has made Activision Blizzard become an independent company whose shares are in the hands of the public. Activision is the manufacturer and publisher of Call of Duty's first-person shooter series, which has so far shipped more than $ 10 billion to its pocket through the sale of game releases. On the other hand, we see Blizzard with the Warcraft series and, most importantly, World of Warcraft, which now has more than 10 million users and has created about 100 million accounts for it. Activision Blizzard has a total of nearly 10,000 employees working in different branches and studios around the world. The headquarters of this company is Santa Monica, California.
      Mix up
      Sega Value: $ 4.9 billion
      Sega was once one of the pillars of game console gaming, but just when it thought its only rival, Nintendo, Sony entered PlayStation and became a rival competitor for both companies. Sega stepped out of the console race, but still still remains one of the most influential and important players in the gaming industry. Perhaps many, for the sake of being Japanese, would have considered it a genuine company in the bright sunset, but the founders of the company were all Americans, the most famous of which could be David Rosen. Sega began its work in 1940 under the name Service Games on the Hawaiian Islands of the United States. David Rosen, who worked as an officer in the United States Air Force and bought Sega as Rosen Enterprises, sold it to Gulf + Western, a company that owns the Paramount Pictures studio. Rossan remained on the CEO's side after Sega's sales, and managed to regain Gulf + Western executives with good management to expand Sega as a subsidiary. Sega's trademark is also back in 1976, the year the company was very successful and was able to earn around $ 100 million by 1979. Sonic
      In the year 1982, Sega's trademark in the field of arcade games exceeded $ 214 million, and this year the company launched its first 3D video game industry called SubRoc 3D. Since then, Sega has released the first SG-1000 home entertainment console with a huge profit from its activities. It's been a long time since Sega's peak, and is even working closely with Nintendo, a long-standing rival. The company's headquarters are located in Tokyo, Utah. In addition to Japan, Sega operates in the United States and Europe, with a total of more than 2,226 employees in the series. Sega fans all remember the company with a sonic set. Of course, such famous games as Shinobi, Valkyria and Yakuz
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