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  • The online stores below will introduce them to the world's top 10 online stores, each of which has been able to absorb many users and their needs with their specific features.

    1. In our list, the ModCloth store is number 10. The store was founded in 2002 by Eric Koger and Susan Gregg-Koger and has its headquarters in the USA (California).

    Depending on its fashion designers, it has been extensively active in the field of clothing, accessories and decoration. Click on the image to enter this store site.

    1. Shop zappos shop 9, which operates in the field of shoes and clothing sales, and is recognized as the world's best online shoes shop.

    Established in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn and headquartered in the United States (Nevada, Las Vegas). Click on the image to enter this store site.

    1. On the list of the eighth Nasty Gal's top store. The store has all the items that young women need, including shoes, clothes, fashion, cosmetics, and more. This American store was founded in 2006 by Sophia Amoruso and has its headquarters in Los Angeles. Click on the image to enter this store site.
    1. Ali Baba Site As the seventh best store is not just an online store, alibaba is one of the largest online auction and internet sites in China where it already has a good reputation for its activities. Jack Ma, the founder of this website, is one of the most prominent personalities in the Asian affair on the Internet, and has recently taken new decisions to expand the site's alibaba service. According to him, in the next 10 years, one of the world's top three global companies will be Chinese, and alibaba will try to win this honor. Click on the image to enter this store site.
    1. The sale of internet porter among the 10 stores ranked 6th. Established in 2011, this store is suitable for fashionable men, and includes products such as bags, shoes, clothing and men's accessories. This website works with the greatest designers, including Alexander McQueen and Ray Ban. Click on the image to enter this store site.
    1. Our 5th List is Esty. This store was established in 2005. Etsy, at first glance, looks like an online store like millions of other online stores, but this store has features that distinguish it from other stores.

    Etsy is a bridge between retailers and buyers. Imagine that a housewife, who is doing her own leisure time, can sell her hand at thousands of miles away without having to leave her house, and get the money directly from her bank account. Etsy, this It works beautifully, it has stores of dealers and buyers in 150 countries. Click on the image to enter this store site.

    1. Walmart is ranked fourth in the list of stores, the walmart is an American retailer, which has the largest chain of food chain stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets in the world. The company was ranked third among the world's largest companies in 2012 after Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil. In fiscal 2013, Walmart Company, with a revenue of $ 469 billion, was recognized as the world's largest income company. Click on the image to enter this store site.
    1. The third largest online store, called asos, belongs to the UK. This store specializes in everything in store, which is why it has been able to succeed with its powerful search system. Click on the image to enter this store site.
    1. The world's second-largest store, which is very familiar with the name of the ebay store. This store is a little more specialized than an Iranian person named Pierre Omidyar.

    The company was founded by Mr. Piramidyar, an Iranian-born company that lives in the United States. Pierre's old wife, who was involved in the marketing of boxes for chocolate called PEZ, urged Pierre to offer a website for them to display and sell their products. The use of these chocolate boxes was for collectors who were interested in the characters drawing their photos on these boxes.

    As a result, it was possible for these people to compete for the purchase of a chocolate box. For this reason, the auction issue was put forward where customers could bid for each of these boxes, and anyone who made the most offer would win the box and pay the bid for it.

    Pierre Omidyard was gradually earning income from the right to trade in this rapidly expanding Internet market. He initially treated this as part-time, but when his first month's check for $ 10,000 a month, he left his main job and put his entire time on ebay.

    These events took place in 1996, until today, the eBay store was the world's largest online store. Pierre Omidyar is now one of the main shareholders of eBay.

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