12V emergency lighting at home

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    The last two Octobers in NJ have brought extended power outages and with the wind getting up a bit today I'm reminded that I should perhaps be better prepared. When the power goes out, I can keep the house warm with the range and/or fireplace; hot water is gas fired too, which is nice. Light is the issue and although candles and flashlights did the job last time, I'd prefer a bit more light for reading. I have a couple of motorcycle batteries in good shape, so I'd like to keep them charged up and deploy them when needed to run 5-10 12V led lights. In Europe, I've seen a system running two heavy(ish) gauge taut copper wires up out of reach which I assume to be 12V that allow you to clip special light fixtures in wherever you feel like it. Google hasn't helped except to bring up a similar looking thing called cable lighting but which seems to have unfeasibly expensive fixtures. Clearly I can MacGyver a solution - has anyone seen such a thing here in a reasonably priced form?

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