Pantum 2500W - Frequent jamming

  • Seems like it should be a decent little printer...

    Bought one last year and use it to print about 2-3 times a month.

    We're wasting a lot of paper with it, though. Every time we print, the first page jams in the printer, putting a page's worth of toner in a strip at the top of the page. That doesn't make it to the fuser, so the smudgeable toner then makes a mess, too.

    Are others having jam problems?

    Is this a design flaw, or should I be returning the printer for warranty repair/replacement?

  • Evacuate the stuck paper as per the accompanying strides, close the

    upper cover and clean the paper in the plate, at that point the printer will naturally continue

    printing. In the event that the printer can't naturally begin printing, please press the catch on

    the control board.

    • If the printer still does not begin printing, please check whether all the stuck

    paper inside the printer are cleared.

    • If you can't evacuate the stuck paper yourself, please contact your neighborhood

    Pantum approved repair focus or send the printer to the closest Pantum

    approved administration place for repair.

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