color toner is all coming out streaked or smudged

  • I am noticing that my color toner is all coming out streaked or smudged, and just isn't clear on the pages. The black ink is printing fine but colors are not, please help

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    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for choosing

    Very sorry for the inconvenience!

    Please try the below solution, if the solution can not help, you can return the color inks back to us for refund or replacement.

    If you have printed a document and are unsatisfied with the print quality, you may need to perform a cleaning cycle in order to improve the quality of your print.
    Please keep in mind that this process may vary by printer and that you may also consult your printer's user manual for instructions on performing a cleaning cycle.
    Press the wrench icon on your printer
    Scroll to Tools and press OK
    Scroll to Clean Print head and press OK
    When the cleaning cycle is complete, your printer will print a test page. If the quality on the test page is satisfactory, press OK to exit the cleaning cycle. You may return to the document you wish to print and resume printing.
    Or you may also perform another cleaning cycle if you are not satisfied with your test page.
    Please be aware that cleaning your print head does consume ink; and therefore, should only be completed when necessary.

    If the print on your test page is satisfactory, you may return to the document you wish to print and resume printing.
    If you are still not satisfied with the print, the next step is to try blotting the cartridge in order to make sure that the print head nozzles are not clogged with dry ink.
    You will want to use a lint free towel such as a coffee filter. Fold the filter in half.
    We also suggest using a paper towel or other absorbent material to place under the lint free cloth to protect your surface from the ink as it may stain your underlying surface.
    Remove your cartridge from the printer.
    Locate the print head. This is on the bottom of the cartridge. Do not touch the print head or bottom of your cartridge as this can damage the cartridge.
    Hold the cartridge with the print head facing downward.
    Simply press the print head of the cartridge onto the coffee filter and hold for 3 seconds.
    Upon lifting the cartridge back up, three (3) colors should appear on the lint free cloth.
    If a good blot does appear on the cloth, reinstall your cartridge and attempt your print again.

    If you are still having this problem, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange a replacement or refund.
    Thank you.

    Shopper+ Family, Summer

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