looking for an indoor antenna for periodic use in the winter

  • I am looking for an indoor antenna for periodic use in the winter when my dish is shutdown. We are just north of Minden ON approx. 85 miles from Barrie, 60 miles from Peterborough, 35 miles from Dwight but Toronto is probably too far.
    What model do you recomment. I see the ANT5009 is 140 km & designed for outdoor protection which I don't really need. Is there a cheaper indoor model? Can an amplifier be added to increase distance? Thanks

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    Dear customer,

    Sorry, we don't know the requirement your Expectations:

    ANT5009 is designed for both Indoor / Outdoor, it can be use indoor

    if you want just simply channels

    if you want more channels :
    I list all indoor antenne , you can choose as your budgeting

    amplifier just amplify the signal not be added to increase distance

    but please check the TV Signal Locator first

    Many factors can affect the strength of the TV signals you receive and thus the antenna you buy. Two of the most important considerations to take into account when choosing an antenna is your distance from the transmitter, and the type of terrain between you and the transmitter.
    It seems reasonable that the farther a signal travels, the weaker it will be received. Also, if you are located in a valley or behind hills, it may be necessary for larger antennas or outside directional antennas. As a rule of thumb, the further you are from the transmission source, the larger your antenna needs to be, and outdoor antennas get better reception than indoor antennas.

    Hope this advisement can help to solve your question.

    Shopper+ Family, Summer

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