mount can not be same level

  • The monitor mount Cab-LDT07-C024 I received does not appear to be straight. i have two idetnical monitors side by side and one is about 3/4 inch lower, please help.

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    Dear Customer,

    Due to the VESA position is not at the same level for both monitor, this stand cannot solve this problem. to solve this problem, independent adjustive arm for each monitor is necessary. our below model could be one of solutions.

    Please let us know if you still can not solve the problem.

    Thank you.

    Shopper+ Family, Summer

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    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing
    Very sorry for the inconvenience!
    Please read through the following information if you are experiencing problems with your toner cartridges.

    1. Take out the cartridge from your printer first and turn off your printer for a minute.

    2. Please make sure all the sealing tapes are removed.

    3. Redistribute the toner: open the printer and remove the cartridge from the printer. In order not to damage the toner cartridge, we recommend not exposing the cartridge to the light for long (no more than a few minutes.) While exposed, cover the cartridge with a piece of paper or cloth. Rock the toner cartridge from side to side gently so that the toner redistributes inside the cartridge. (Be sure to shake the toner cartridge gently. If you do not shake the cartridge gently, toner may spill out.)

    4. Turn your printer back on and reinstall the cartridge

    5. Try a test page & verify the quality of the printout.
      If you are still having this problem, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange a replacement or refund.
      Thank you.
      Best regards,
      Shopper+ Customer Service - Summer.

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