Kodak 1o cartridge cant work

  • I bought a combo pack of ink cartridges for my Kodak 9.1 printer. The black cartridge, which has only just needed replacing is not recognised by the printer. I also noticed that the cartridge you sent on this occasion is coded K8965, where the last one I got from you was coded K0010XL.

  • Thank you very much for contacting 123inkcartridges.ca.

    Coded K8965 is the part number from our supplier. It is the correct one. For your case, please try the following instruction to solve the problem:

    Remove ALL the ink cartridges from the printer. Make sure all the sealing tapes are removed from the cartridges. Turn it off for a minute and turn it back on then reinstall all the cartridges back into your printer. When installing, make sure you won’t knock out the previously installed cartridges and make sure they are all sitting tightly inside the correct slot. Give them a little push if you have problem installing.

    It could be possible that the chip or chip sensor area inside the printer is dirty. Clean the chip on the cartridge with an isopropyl alcohol. Remove any debris that is on the chip sensor area inside the printer, by blowing or with canned air.

    Please try removing the cartridge from the printer. Make sure all the sealing tape are removed. Also check the bottom of the cartridge to see if the plastic cover is being penetrated. If the plastic cover is not being penetrated, please in a safe area, use a pointy object (like pen, hair pin, toothpick etc) and gently penetrate it. PLEASE DO NOT remove the plastic cover fully, it might leak and make a mess inside the printer.

    Then reinstall the cartridges make sure they are sitting properly inside the printer.

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