MDMI cable

  • I recently ordered from you, order # 81697204. But I think I have the wrong cables. I have a MSI Video card with 4 ports. One is an HDMI it is the 2nd port on the attachment enclosed. The first, third and 4th port are different than the 2nd one. What type of end do I need for the cable to plug into the 3 other ports on my video card?The cable I purchased from you works on the second port but I need that for my computer. My video card supports 4 monitors. The attachment shows the 4 ports. I can use 1,3 and 4 to connect to my TV. But I either need a different cable or an end that fits on the cables I purchased from you. Can you help me with this?The ends on the video card have a piece of metal in the center that looks like this "[" but horizontal ! Cab-FL-1021-250-vga-H

  • Please see the attachment.

    1,Display Port
    2,HDMI port
    3,Display Port
    4,Display Port 0_1476867455090_cable issue.jpg

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