HP Laser Jet P1102w needs toner or ink?

  • Andrea Rankin

    My printer HP Laser Jet P1102w; I need a new toner/ink?? cartridge. What is the difference between toner and ink cartridges? An HP cartridge costs over $100.00 at Best Buy, $85.00 at 123, the Economical White Box $17.99 and the Moustache Compatible either $19.00 or High Yield $34.00. Where does the difference lie among all these choices? Is it TONER that i want for the above printer? Thank you very much for any clear answer you send.

  • Dear Andrea,

    Thank you very much for contacting 123inkcartridges.ca.

    The one for your printer is toner. Please click the link


    The Main Differences Between Toner and Ink
    The physical characteristics of ink and toner cartridges differ considerably, both in terms of design format and contents. For one thing, toner is a powder, while ink is a liquid. Toner and ink cartridges are both used to print documents and photos, but the methods by which inkjet and laser printers accomplish this are fundamentally different. In order to understand why toner cartridges are not equal to ink cartridges, consumers need a basic knowledge of printer technology. A closer look at inkjet and laser printer functionality can help to illuminate the ways in which toner and ink work differently.
    Laser Printers Use Toner Cartridges
    Because of the unique role of toner in the xerographic printing process, ink is not an acceptable substitute. The two main components of toner are iron oxide and plastic resin. Laser printers do not simply press toner directly onto the paper. Instead, a laser first draws an electrostatic template of the image onto a rotating metal drum inside the printer. The drum, which is covered in photosensitive material, starts out with either a positive or negative charge.
    An extremely precise laser alters the electrical charge in certain spots according to data fed from the computer. The drum is then coated in magnetically charged toner, but the fine particles only adhere to the areas where the laser previously defined the image. Next a sheet of paper, which has also been magnetically charged, rolls past the drum and draws the toner away. Lastly, the fuser sets the image by warming and melting the plastic particles.
    Inkjet Printers Use Ink Cartridges
    Inkjet printer technology is a bit easier to understand, but no less innovative. As their name suggests, inkjet printers require ink cartridges. The liquid ink inside the cartridge is locked in an airtight foil compartment. The ink cartridges are loaded into the print head, which is fitted with numerous microscopic ink nozzles. As the print head moves back and forth across the paper, the nozzles create the image with droplets of ink.
    The technology responsible for controlling the jets in an inkjet printer varies depending on the brand and model. For example, thermal bubble printers use heat to control ink flow, while piezoelectric printers rely on electrically charged vibrations. In either case, information sent from the computer dictates exactly how the printer applies the ink from the cartridges.

    Moustache Compatible made by our supplier and has better quality than the Economical White.

    Should you need any further help, please feel free to contact us.

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