Need 20ft Optical Toslink Cable

  • Hi, i am looking for a 20ft Optical Toslink Cable .

  • Hello !

    We kindly recommend the following 20ft Optical Toslink Cable to you :

    This is a premium quality new toslink optical audio cable for use with home theater receivers, digital signal processors, DAT machines, Divx players, DVD players, CD players, DSS receivers, DAT player/recorders, MINI disc player/recorders, Sony Playstation 2 & 3, XBox, ALESIS, or any components that use normal full-size TOSLink optical audio connectors.

    Key Features:

    1. Heavy 8.0mm jacket helps prevent cable damage and provides additional strain reilef.

    2. Gold plated ferrule prevents corrosion and provides maximum protection of connector tip.

    3. Precision polished fiber tips to ensure maximum signal transfer (includes tip protectors).

    4. Full size male to slink connectors on both cable ends.

    Best regards

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