How to connect MFC-9130CW as wireless?

  • How to connect MFC-9130CW as wireless?

  • There are 4 methods for configuring Brother printer in wireless network environment(too complicated ^_^).

    Here is the most basic way which is using the printer's control panel Setup Wizard.

    1. Write down your network setting.
    • Network name(SSID):
    • Network key:
      You can find these info from wireless router or asking network provider
    1. Press 0_1474682921043_unnamed.png on the printer screen.

    2. Press "Network".

    3. Press "WLAN".

    4. Swipe up or down, or press 0_1474682980319_unnamed (1).png or 0_1474683045517_unnamed (2).png to display "Setup Wizard", Press "Setup Wizard".

    5. When "Enable WLAN?" is displayed, press "Yes" to accept.

    6. The machine will search for available SSIDs. press 0_1474683066220_unnamed (1).png or 0_1474683007333_unnamed (2).png to choose the SSID you wrote down in step 1, press "OK".

    7. Enter the Network Key you wrote down in step 1.
      For information on how to enter text: see Quick Setup Guide.)
      Press "OK".
      When you have entered all the characters, press "Yes" to apply your settings.

    8. Your machine will try to connect to your wireless networking.

    9. If your printer is connected successfully, the display shows "Connected".
      The printer will print your machine's wireless status report. If the connection failed, check the error code ton the printed report.

    You can continue to install printer driver, please select wireless access option.


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