HP 61 display missing cartridge message

  • Hello,

    My printer got a missing cartridge message, i turned it off and turned on again but the message is still there.

    What's the problem please?

    Thank you!

  • Solution: If you are getting a message on your machine that reads ”ink cartridge missing” your HP 61 ink cartridge may not be installed properly. Be sure that your cartridge clicks securely into its designated slot. It should not be loose in the printer or forced into the machine. If it does not click in easily you might have the cartridge angled wrong or installed in the wrong slot. If it clicks in nicely and you still get a missing message, take the cartridge out and try cleaning the contacts and resetting the printer. A quick reset will usually resolve an error message. As stated previously, if you continue to have trouble try a second cartridge and compare results.

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