Why the Canon PGI-225 Bk ( large black ) print less pages than the Canon CLI-226 BK ( Small black) ?

  • Why the Canon PGI-225 Bk ( large black ) print less pages than the Canon CLI-226 BK ( Small black) ?

  • Hello ,

    The large black (PGI-225) is a pigment ink, solid particles suspended in a carrier liquid which evaporates. This leaves the color particles on the surface of the paper where they bond to the paper by grabbing on to the almost microscopic rough surfaces of the paper fibers. This cartridge will be used when printing text documents or when printing in grayscale.

    The small cartridges, black and colors (CLI-226), are all dye based inks. They are made to soak into the paper and dry. Since the black pigment which dries on the surface can't mix with the color dyes which soak into the paper they need to use a black dye to mix with the colors for a richer color palette. Despite the fact that it's black, the small cartridge is considered a color cartridge because of this.

    So, if I was to reformulate what it means, it's that the PGI 225 is the main black cartridge (pigment), which does most of the black printing, while the CLI 226 black (dye) is more for mixing with other colours, its job is to give richer, deep colors instead of being just a black cartridge (like, give us deep/dark blues, reds, etc). From my understanding, pigment will grab much more onto the paper, while dye is more vivid if anything.

    Even both of them are black, they are used for different purpose. Pigment-based BK is mainly used for TEXT printing, Dye-based BK is mainly used for the pictures.

    Anyway, the page yield does not only depend on the ink volume, there are may different variables, which affect page yield.
    Content and type of document printed
    Type of paper used
    Type of printer
    Print mode and driver setting
    Software application used
    Conditions such as ambient temperature, humidity and frequency of printing


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