refill ink ran out fast

  • I did refill my cartridges (on July 06/16); the black ink cartridge stopped working (no ink) in about one month while I did print a maximum of maybe 80 pages (word files). Is this normal? Thanks.

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    Dear customer,

    Thank you for contacting Shopper+ Family.

    Please see how we can get the page yield as below:
    The page yield is standardized and tested by supplier. All page yield is 5% page coverage. This means 5% on letter size paper. Toner/Ink use is by how much toner/ink is placed on each page printed and how many you print. Depending on your printer make, model and toner/ink cartridge size along with toner coverage per page, determines how many pages you'll get out of it. If you are printing photos your page coverage is close to 100% and the number of printed photos will be much less than the amount the number of pages you would be able to print if you were just printing standard text documents.

    Please try to solve the problem as below:

    For some cartridges, the printer is not able to recognize the ink level correctly.
    In most cases, the supplier forgot to reset the chip on the cartridge, but that will not affect the actual page yield of the cartridges.
    Unless your printouts are faded, we suggest that you ignore or turn off the notifications and continue to print until the printouts start to fade.
    If you encounter problems while printing, remove all the cartridges from the machine, and make sure the valves appear normal. Then, restart the printer. Install only the black cartridge when asked. If the LOW INK message is still displayed, reinstall the black cartridge one more time. When the black cartridge has been accepted, insert each of the other colors cartridges. Make sure to insert one at a time and that no other cartridges are inserted when you do it. If each cartridge is accepted separately, install all cartridges. If the LOW INK message shows again, remove all cartridges and start all over again.
    Keep in mind that the ink gauges on printers only serve as an ESTIMATE of how much ink may be remaining in the cartridge.

    Best regards,
    Shopper+ Customer Service - Summer.

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