What does the imaging unit of a laser printer do?

  • What does the imaging unit of a laser printer do?

  • Laser printers work on the photoelectric effect, similar to the way a copier works. A drum with a special coating is charged with a static charge, then the image is shone onto the drum. In a laser printer, this is done by rotating the drum, and pulsing the laser. A rotating mirror moves the beam across the drum. The result is a raster like system, like a TV. Where the light hits, the charge is removed. Then, the dust-like toner is transferred to the drum, and where there is charge, the dust sticks. It is then transferred from the drum to paper. The last step is fusing, where a heated roller melts the toner onto the page. Then it comes out the top into the output tray. The end result is essentially, plastic melted into paper, so the output is quite durable and waterproof.

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