Brother LC61BK new compatible is in a different size and does not fit printer MFC-6490.

  • Brother LC61BK I received from you is in a different size and does not fit my printer MFC-6490.

    The one that has the Brother label on it is mine!! Yours is the smaller one with no

    Please help verify .

    ![alt text](![image url](0_1472095397731_IMG_6274.JPG image url))

  • Dear customer ,

    Due to the design patent, the supplier can not copy the OEM's, even the shape is different, smaller, the compatible one can be used on your printer.

    I have OEM LC203 on my hand, checked with them, the shape, size is different from the G&G compatible one,
    both of them function well.

    The LC61 has to be pushed in the printer, since the printer has to puncture the plastic film at the bottom (You should not puncture that yourself, or you might have ink all over!!)

    I had quite a few customers who wouldn't push enough, they felt the resistance from the film that has to be punctured, and stopped because they fear breaking their printer.... they really need to push it in.

    Please try to use it, any issue, let us know.

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