50.1 fuser error on HP laserJet 8000

  • Hi, my printer gets 50.1 Fuser Error on HP LaserJet 8000, what should i do?

  • On the HP LaserJet 8000, 8000N, 8000DN, or 8000DTN, if you see a 50.1 Fuser Error you probably need to replace the fuser.

    Fusers are a consumable part and are sold as the main component in a maintenance kit. Fusers are very easy to change on this model; it is expected over the life of the printer you will replace the fuser several times. HP estimates average fuser life to last about 250,000 pages; but a fuser can fail much earlier depending on printing conditions, heavy paper jams, and the quality of the fuser installed.

    For a temporary fix, you can try turning the printer off and back on again, sometimes the reboot will reset the fuser so you can continue printing a few more pages. If the 50.1 Fuser Error returns, you should replace the fuser.

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