• Are they any special?

  • MICR or “Magentic Ink Character Recognition” is a special type of ink that is commonly used when printing checks. It contains a chemical (iron oxide) that gives it its magnetic property.
    In the bottom part of every check, an encoded information about the check is written. This code can tell us who issued the check or where it came from. Of course it is hard to read it manually. A bank machine, known as a reader sorter, can detect the magnetic property of the MICR toner used to print this code.
    Nowadays, with all the businesses that issue checks, it will be very hard or even impossible to track these checks without the reader sorters and the automated process. This way, even if something was stamped above the code, the reader sorter can easily detect the code because it is the magnetic property of the MICR toner that it is detecting. Thus, the MICR toner has a very big role in this process.
    The rules governing the standards for MICR toners and MICR printing are made and enforced by the American National Standards Institute X9 Committee.
    With the security benefit of the MICR toner technology, it is not surprising that MICR toner is now being used on several institutions. Receipts, tickets, coupons, and many other versions are using the MICR toner technology for faster, safer, and effective way of tracking their products.

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