How to Replace Ink Cartridges on Canon PIXMA MX922 Inkjet Printer

  • Hello, i'm new to replace the ink cartridges. Can you show how to replace them?

  • This printer uses 4-color ink cartridges with model nos. CLI-251. In getting replacement ink cartridges, be sure to know the correct model number of the cartridge. Otherwise, check out the manual that came with the printer.
    Step 1 – Make sure that the printer is turned on. Open the top cover and the ink cover. Wait until the ink holder stops at the ink tank installation position then remove the ink cartridges.
    Step 2 – Peel off the plastic sheet from the ink cartridge. Make sure to completely remove the orange film from the Y-shaped air slit.
    Step 3 – Remove the orange cap. Do not touch the ink chip and part where you removed the cap.
    Step 4 – Insert the ink cartridge and gently press it until it clicks into place. Install the other cartridge the same way. Make sure you match the cartridge color to the color slot on the printer.
    Step 5 – Confirm that all the lights turn on.
    Step 6 – Close the ink cover and top cover.
    The printer will then initialize and detect the new ink cartridges installed. Do a test print and you’re good to go!

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