Dell 331-0778 New Compatible High Yield Black Toner got very loud noise

  • The printer was working fine. I removed the old ink and put the new one in and it made noise when it was printing. I removed the new ink and put a different new one (from your company) in and it worked good. I removed that one and put the first new one in and the noise came back. I then put the old old ink in again and it worked fine. I put the new one in and the noise was there again. I checked and all tapes are removed. At this point I’m confident it’s not a printer issue.

  • For the noise issue ,could you try the following instructions to see if it could help ?

    Remove the toner cartridge from the printer. Check if the gears are okay.
    Turn it off for a minute and turn it back on then reinstall all the cartridge back into your printer. Make sure all the sealing tape or covers are removed and the cartridge is sitting properly inside the printer. Reinstall to see if problem still exists. If problem still continues please test with your old cartridge. See if the problem is related to printer.

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