Gigabit Ethernet over coaxial?

  • Hi, I am looking for a product that can extend my current Gigabit Ethernet network over coaxial (RG-6)? It's for a 5 level building and running CAT-5e or CAT 6 is near impossible and wifi just isn't stable. We found many products that can do what we want on and from other sources but we want your expert advice on what products that you have that is recommended. We discovered your website through a Google search because a friend had recommended monoprice to us and it's good that you're in Canada.

  • Thanks for the recommendation. unfortunately we are not carrying Ethernet extension over Coaxial. For cx's case , our solution is Ethernet extension over electrical circuit as link:

    there is an introduction video in Youtube as well.

    Compared to Extension over Coaxial, Electrical Circuit has larger extension range, less interface, since some coaxial still served for Tv signal or data transmission .

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

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