canon 119x TONER show LOW

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  • ·       If you got the TONER LOW message but your laser machines is still printing, check the Toner Low setting in the Configuration Menu (in the control panel) since it may be set to CONTINUE.
    ·       If the laser machine stops printing when the LOW TONER message appears, this means that the TONER LOW is set to STOP. If you need to finish a print job, press Go.
    (1)   Make sure you have removed the sealing tape.
    (2)   Check you have installed a toner cartridge in the machine.
    (3)   The bag and/or box may have not been correctly sealed before you opened the package.
    (4)   If the cartridge is low you can redistribute the cartridge (see Tip “If the toner is low or I get light or faded areas on my printouts, should I change the cartridge immediately or it is still useful?”)
    (5)   If the machine does not print after redistributing the cartridge, you have to replace the cartridge.
    (6)   If you have replaced the cartridge and you still get a low message, the laser machine might be the problem.
    (7)   The high voltage power supply may be the cause of the problem. If you need to finish a print job, gain access to the configuration menu. Then, to the control panel on the printer. Once there, set the laser machine to Low Toner Continue.

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