No ink will come out

  • I installed the cartridge Epson 252XL (T252XL120) New Compatible Black Ink Cartridge (High Yield) Epson T252XL120 BK yesterday and cleaned the head few times and no ink will come out.

  • For the issue ,could you try the following instructions to see if it could help work or not ?

    Please try removing the cartridge from the printer. Make sure all the sealing tape are removed and check the bottom of the cartridge to see if the plastic cover is being penetrated, if not please use a pointy object like hair pin, toothpick or needle and gently penetrate it. Then reinstall the cartridges make sure they are sitting properly inside the printer.

    It is possible that the printer contacts are worn or dirty. You can try deep cleaning the print head up to 5 times and let the cartridge seat to see if there is any improvement. Change it back to your old one to test if it gives you the same result.

    To avoid print head from getting clog:

    1. Turn your printer off whenever you are not using it.
      Epson runs a cleaning cycle every time it is turned on. This cycle gets the ink flowing though the print head. If you never shut off your printer, it will not run this cycle, but there is a possibility that the ink will clogged up the print heads.

    2. Print regularly.
      This will help keep the ink from drying out on the print head or in the nozzles. This is one of the biggest and most common faults of any inkjet printer.

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