Epson 124 cartridges don't print properly- missing colors

  • Epson 124 cartridges don't print properly- missing colors

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    If, after activating the ‘Head Cleaning’ routine 2 times in a row along with manufacturer’s suggested printer cleaning procedures, blank pages are observed or output print quality is extremely poor then the printhead may have partially dried out or is clogged and a water flush of the ink ports may be necessary to help recover the ink system.* Manual PH Soak Recovery

    Remove suspect color cartridge – if unknown, then remove all cartridges.
    Gently slide a paper towel under the PRINTHEAD/CARRIAGE assembly.
    You’ll see a round mesh ink port where ink flows into the PRINTHEAD.
    Thoroughly dampen the ink port with 1-2 teaspoons of distilled water (eye-dropper or syringe works best; pour or drip water directly into ink port). NOTE: Use of a syringe works best by forcing water into port.
    Reinstall ink cartridge(s).
    Remove paper towel from beneath PRINTHEAD/CARRIAGE assembly
    Activate the ‘Head Cleaning’ routine once again to see if the respective color(s) begins to flow.
    If not, repeat steps 4-7 again.

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