Error Message Showing Lexmark 100XL Ink Cartridge is Missing

  • I just installed a new Lexmark 100XL Ink Cartridge in my Prospect PRO205 pirnter, and it display an error message ahowing cartridge is missing.

  • Hello there

    If you get an error message showing Lexmark 100XL Ink Cartridge is missing, please try the following tips :

    Take the ink cartridges out of your Lexmark inkjet printer then check out if all the tape or clips is removed from each of the cartridges.

    While your Lexmark printer is on, pull the power cable at the back of your printer and leave it off for 15 minutes. This will clear the error from your printer’s memory.

    Go back and check the cartridges, if it has a micro chip, wipe it with a tissue or cloth.

    Turn on the printer again and place back the cartridges until they are fully clicked into place.

    Best regards

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