Hp 60 cartridges

  • b) Please be more specific as to the cartridge problem
    i) What is the 'chip' of the cartridge?
    ii) Does that mean that somehow the cartridges got chipped?
    iii) How does the 'chip' get damaged?
    iv) How does a damaged 'chip' impact the reduced amount of printing?
    v) What are the chance of the two cartridges having the same problem?
    vi) We continue to need cartridges, so I am wanting to determine the reliability of your product.
    vii) Can we diagnose a problem with a cartridge before we find there is no more printing?
    viii) We are supplying the cartridges to a remote office and are wanting to determine how long they should last( number of copies) before we restock.
    ix) We also want to know what to expect in number of copies so we know if we are getting the full expected life of the cartridge.

  • Yes, we have refunded to your credit card which last four digits is 2237

    The chip is a sensor that helps the printer to recognize the cartridge and the ink level.

    The chips may damaged in production. Once the chip was damaged , the printer cant recognize the ink level and the cartridges. This issue just happens, normally the replacements will work fine.

    The shelf life of the cartridges is 2 years. It can print 200 Pages.

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