My Samsung CLX-3305FW printer displays an " Not comptible " Error when install the new cartridge in

  • i just installed a new compatible CLT-K406S toner cartridge into my Samsung CLX-3305FW printer and it displays an " Not comptible " Error. did it install the wrong cartridge ?

  • Hello

    Please make sure you install the correct cartridge firstly . The following ink shows the correct cartridges for printer Samsung CLX-3305FW .

    If the cartridges are compatible, please try these :

    Important: Before you perform any type of service on your printer that requires you
    to open the printer, turn the printer off, and then unplug it from the wall outlet.

    There are a few reasons why your printer will display a Not Compatible or Not Original
    toner error:

    1. The installed toner cartridge is the wrong cartridge for your printer. The toner model
      code must end in /XAA or in certain cases /SEE. If you purchase a unit in the US
      and move to another country, you would still need to buy cartridges designed for US
    2. The CRUM chip contacts on the toner or printer may be damaged or dirty. These
      contacts are usually on the front edge of the toner and are easy to spot as they are
      gold. Make sure the contacts on both the printer and toner are clean (use only a dry
      cloth) and are not damaged.
    3. If you are using a refilled, recycled, or aftermarket (non­Samsung) toner, we cannot
      gaurantee that it will work with your printer. Most modern toner cartridges, Samsung
      included, use a CRUM (Consumer Replaceable Unit Monitor) to track how much toner
      is left in the cartridge.

    In the case of an aftermarket toner, the CRUM chip may not
    be designed correctly to work with your printer. Refilled/recycled cartridges have
    had their CRUM chip reset or even replaced, and the chip may have been reset
    incorrectly or damaged in the process. For accessories and parts, click here to go to
    our online parts distribution center.

    If the toner is Samsung genuine toner but it still shows the error, then click the Phone
    Support button below to create a pending transaction for further assistance.

    Best regards

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