What's dye and pigment ink?

  • What's dye and pigment ink?

    1. Dye-based ink is made from coloration that is dissolved in a liquid, usually either water or glycol. This helps the dye flow easily from the printer head to the page (and dry quickly once it’s there). Dye-based inks are super sharp for text and create rich, vibrant colors in your images. Most standard inkjet printers you will encounter feature dye-based inks. Dye-based inks are not waterproof and tend to fade in 5-25 years.
    1. Pigmented ink is a fairly recent innovation in printer technology designed to create long lasting photo-quality color for professionals. Pigment ink sets often come in a wider range of tones than a standard dye-based ink set, in part because they are specialized for use with different kinds of paper. They offer more versatility to professional photographers to improve color depth, sharpness, and tone by using different ink and paper combinations—though many manufacturers of both ink and paper will design their products with an intended combination in mind. High end photo printers will usually feature both a matte black and a glossy black to get the best results for each medium.

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