The HP 546 black ink is too big.

  • Hello, the HP 546 black ink is too big. What can i do?

  • Solution: If you are trying to install your cartridge and it seems too big, the orange protective clip might still be on the cartridge. HP puts a clip around the cartridge in order to protect it during transit and it should be removed before installation. To remove it, hold the cartridge in one hand and twist off the clip. It will snap off easily. If you’ve already exposed the vent-hole, make sure you remove the clip over a trash can.

    Like we mentioned earlier, many HP printers come with a black cartridge and photo black cartridge. The black cartridge is used to print text and is physically thicker than the photo black. The photo black is obviously for photo printing, and is the same size as the cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges. Another quick way to tell the difference between the two cartridges is by checking the symbols on each cartridge. The black cartridge has a pentagon symbol on the top and the photo black has a camera symbol. Again, you are going to want to check your manual before you go out and buy a photo black cartridge because you may not need it.

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