HP 61 Problem: Empty Cartridge Message

  • HP 61 Problem: Empty Cartridge Message

  • Solution: If you are using a remanufactured HP cartridge there is a chance that the cartridge will read “empty” or “previously used” upon installation. Remanufacturers are not able to reset the chips on an HP 61 cartridge so an empty ink cartridge message is common. This doesn’t mean you were sold a cartridge with missing ink. Since the cartridge is refurbished your printer is reading it as if it was still the original cartridge that has already been used. Even though your printer cannot tell, the cartridge is filled to capacity and should print the same amount of prints as an original. To bypass this error, clean the contacts, reset the printer and acknowledge the empty cartridge message by pressing the “OK” or “Resume” button on your machine. These steps should allow you to print as expected and you should get the same yield of prints as the genuine brand. “Empty cartridge” messages are not common with genuine brand HP cartridges. A genuine product should accept in your machine right away and read the appropriate ink levels on your printer’s display.

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