Refill instructions for HP 61XL

  • Refill instructions for HP 61XL

    1. In an area that is prepared for a potential ink spill with paper towels, peel the label from the front of the cartridge. Put on latex/non-latex cleaning gloves to avoid ink stains on your hands.

    2. You will notice three holes on the front of the cartridge. For black ink cartridges, all three will be black. For color cartridges, each one will connect to the color well for each of the three colors. Take a toothpick or paper clip and poke the hole to assess which color it is (the top one will be yellow, but the other two may be switched depending on the age of the cartridge).

    3. Fill your syringe with 15 ml ink (if standard black cartridge) or 25 ml (if XL). Each color for color cartridge can be filled with 7ml of ink. Inside the cartridge, there are sponges that will soak up the ink, and once they reach capacity some can leak out the top. For color cartridges, cover the two holes you are not filling during the fill process to prevent any leaks from contaminating your colors.

    4. Very slowly and carefully push the plunger and apply the ink to the cartridge. Going too quickly can result in overflow, spilling, or, worse, spraying. Go very slowly!

    5. After filling, wipe the front of the cartridge with a clean paper towel.

    6. Replaced refilled cartridges in your printer and run cleaning cycles as suggested in printer manual. You can also print a couple test pages to draw the ink into the sponge and help even out the refill. For best results, leave the cartridge in your printer for six to eight hours before resuming regular printing, to ensure optimal ink distribution.

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