Brother TN-720 Original Toner Cartridg

  • Choose A Standard Yield or A High Yield Toner?

  • Sometimes you may be confused about shopping for toners when you’re not familiar with the differences of page yield amounts. Toners can be divided into two main categories:Standard Yield and High Yield. Standard Yield, as the name implies, its printing yield is standard amount. The page yield of a high yield cartridge is higher than a standard yield. So its pricing is higher than the standard yield’s. Use a high yield cartridge, you can make more prints.

    Now, if you’re about to replace a toner cartridge for your printer, which kind of toner cartridge is better? Standard Yield or High Yield? It depends on your usage situation, if you don’t use the printer very often, and you don’t want to spend more money on toners, then a standard yield toner cartridge is the best choice for you; if you print frequently, choose a high yield toner cartridge will be more cost-effective, and it’s unnecessary for you to exchange the toner cartridge often while using a high yield toner cartridge.

    Brother TN-720 Original Toner Cartridge is a standard yield toner for most Brother popular printers. Its printing yield is 3000 pages, plus a shelf life of 2 years. For people who use the printer occasionally, 3000 pages is a large amout for them to keep their printers work normally for quite a long time.

    Brother TN-750 Original Toner Cartridge is a high yield version of TN-720, the page yield of this high yield toner is up to 8000 pages, almost three times more than its lower version toner cartridge.Thus the high yield toner is more expensive than the standard yield one. The price of the TN-750 OEM toner is $124.99 on, and the TN-720 OEM toner is just $79.99.

    Choose either a high yield or a standard yield toner, it is up to you. But you’d better make an analysis when you have to replace a toner cartridge, so that you can save the money and help the planet.

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