Pantum P2500w

  • Do you know the functions of the Pantum P2500w?

  • Running costs: Pantum applies new ideas and concepts to create value-added laser printers with robust features and very low operating costs. Pantum printers are designed with sturdy print engines that ensure a much longer working life to meet a higher monthly workload than comparative products. Pantum’s claimed running cost for the P2500w, based on the standard yield (1,600 pages) Pantum PB-211 Original Black Toner Cartridge, is $0.02 per page. This is typical of a bargain-basement monochrome laser, and compared with the Brother HL-1212W, the Samsung ML-2165W, Pantum P2500W’s running costs were marginally lower.

    Printing speed: Pantum P2500w laser printer’s printing speed is up to 23 pages per minute, a respectable speed. It is much faster than the Brother HL-1212W, which rated at 21 ppm, the HP P1102w $194.99, rated at 18 ppm, and the Samsung ML-2165W $179.99, rated at 21 pages per minute.

    Mobile Printing: The WiFi connectivity of the P2500W printer ensures greater printing freedom, allowing multiple devices to connect to the printer simultaneously. A wide variety of different devices can connect easily to the Pantum printer, which makes printing a simpler and more efficient process in the modern workplace.✓&q=pantum+2500&commit=?utm_source=shopperplus&utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=crystal

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